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In the heart of Hopkinsville, Kentucky it is there where the Kentucky Seed tobacco is grown in ideal climate and conditions. Once the tobacco is harvested after the leaves have fully matured, they are hung in the tobacco barns. There the leaves are smoked for 14 days using hardwoods such as oak, maple and hickory. This process has been used for over 200 years but it was Drew Estate who was the first to use it for premium cigars.

This aged old process delivers a smoke unlike any other cigar. The demand for the smoky taste in the Kentucky Fire Cured cigar has only gotten stronger due to the long finish and thick layers of textured, southern delight. The blend features Kentucky seed tobacco, grown and fire cured in Hopkinsville, Kentucky, along with Nicaraguan and Brazilian fillers. The cigar is wrapped with a Mexican San Andres wrapper to round out the blend profile.


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