About Us

the mission For The Love Of Cigars

At Tallchief Cigars, we live and breathe cigar culture. To us, an hour with a premium cigar is a religious experience.

Our mission is to build up and enrich the WNY cigar community, to help you identify your favorite cigars, and to supply them to you at the best prices in the industry. 

the story From Humble Beginnings

Tallchief Cigars began as a single cabinet humidor with nine boxes inside. It began to grow over the next several years into a full size walk-in humidor with a respectable selection. But owner J.C Seneca knew that he was sitting on something with much greater potential, but just needed the right people to bring Tallchief Cigars to the next level. Enter Carl Barone and Dave Prinzbach. 

With a combined 10 years of professional experience in the cigar industry, and a combined bazillion cigars smoked, J.C. knew he had found the right guys, with the knowledge, experience, and enthusiasm to bring his vision for Tallchief Cigars to fruition. 

Now known throughout the cigar community as “The World Famous Tallchief Cigars”, we are home to the largest walk-in humidor in Western New York. We have expanded to a world-class selection of big names, usual suspects, limited editions, and unknown boutiques. We have built an engaged and growing cigar community at Tallchief. We host cigar events, post daily cigar content online like videos, reviews, blog articles, and the Tallchief Cigar Circle Podcast, and we run monthly promotions to get more new cigars into the hands of our customers. 

We love cigars, and we love talking cigars with our customers. So whether you are new to the hobby and looking for recommendations, or want to trade notes on your newest favorite smoke, come see us. We’re here for it!

the people Your Personal Tobacconists

Carl Barone and David Prinzbach have been brothers ever since they first shared a cigar together back in 2012. They are two very different dudes with very different palettes, which is what makes them so good at recommending new cigars to their customers. They welcome the challenge of finding your next favorite smoke. Get in touch for your next recommendation

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